20 May 2016

Delicious Spinach Pancake with Salmon Filling


The easiest way to stick to healthy eating is to experiment with different recipes and to never allow your mind to get bored. Today, I prepared a delicious lunch – this spinach pancake with salmon filling and it will be my favorite meal throughout the next couple days. Ingredients: 1 whole egg 1 egg white 1 table […]

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21 Oct 2015

Add Variety in Your Diet: 11 Delicious, Healthy Breakfasts for Busy People


I am constantly testing different things in nutrition and workouts. I always call myself “a something researcher”. I feel the inner need to try different methods and even when I make a step back, to find out how things work and why it leads to the results I got – satisfying or not. For a […]

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26 Jan 2014

Coconut Pancake with Chocolate Avocado Filling

Today I will suggest you an extremely delicious recipe for coconut pancakes with chocolate avocado filling. If you’ve decided to eat something sweet, it is always better to use natural, whole ingredients in order to prepare it. I assure you that once you try this recipe, you will never go back to traditional pancakes. Ingredients: […]

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18 Dec 2011

Healthy coconut pancake

When you were little what was your favorite breakfast? Mine was pancakes with chocolate! My grandmother used to make a dozen of them every morning and I ate them all. SInce thetraditional pancakes aren’t healthy, today I will suggest you a coconut pancake that tastes delicious and couldn’t be healthier! Ingredients: 3 eggs 50 grams […]

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