02 Feb 2014

Katerina Rangelova: Healthy Eating, Life and Sport Through The Eyes of A Culinary Expert

Sometimes, there is something special about people. You stare at them and you are trying to figure out exactly what is it. What is it that makes them so magnetic, wonderful, important and significant?  No matter how long you stare, you can never find exactly one specific reason. Just because there isn’t such. What makes […]

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12 Aug 2012

Vania's Healthy Banana-Melon Ice Cream

How are you? Are you doing what I asked you for? Being active and eating healthy during the weekend? This Sunday I have a delicious recipe that is the result of Vania’s passion towards cooking. Here is her website but unfortunately it is a Bulgarian website… but you could still check out the pictures of […]

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05 Jul 2012

My Favorite Healthy Treats Recipes

The other day I was arguing with some friends about the topic on eating junk food or not. One of them haven’t eaten any crap for a month and she was planning on eating a ton of it on that particular day. Probably to make up for the days she ate clean! I am totally […]

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