15 Sep 2016

A Delicious Single Serving Cake with Minimal Calories


A cake for one (#ifsrecipes). More often than not, people say that they cannot prepare healthy food and add variety to their diet, because they have nobody to share it with. Actually, cooking for one or two people is not time consuming and for 10-15 minutes, you can make a real cooking masterpiece, that will not […]

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29 May 2016

4 Healthy Foods That Make Us Gain Weight


1.Salads That’s right. Salads can be both – healthy and unhealthy or at least extremely calorie dense. I observe the tendency that people improve the quality of the food they consume, but nobody pay attention to the quantity. Thus, very often, women and men say that they have tried to lose weight; that they have […]

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14 Sep 2015

Chocolate Mousse with Pumpkin Flavor: A Healthy Dessert for Everyday


I love autumn – this is my favorite season. For some people autumn invites melancholy, for me it invites emotions – in their whole palette. For me autumn is a symbol of change and of a never – ending cycle. It is a symbol of the temporary nature of everything and of the beauty of […]

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10 Jul 2015

Oreo Cookies Have A Healthy Version! Here Is The Delicious Recipe!


I did an IFS Summer Challenge in Bulgaria. I haven’t done it for my English- speaking followers, but  I promise I will. There, we share a lot of useful advice about nutrition and people share their food struggles, share their meals and recipes. The other day, one of the participants – Savina Belcheva shared her dinner […]

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12 Mar 2015

Sweet Temptation Without Compunction: Banana Pie “Jovaylo”


Cooking is an art. I love art – every type of art! Cooking is an opportunity to create something, while investing a piece of yourself in your culinary masterpiece. Have you noticed how an omelet cooked by one person can be delicious, while cooked by another it doesn’t taste that good? The recipe is the […]

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06 Sep 2014

Heavenly Cream with Figs- A Dessert For Those That Don’t Have Time To Cook

Every time I think about the variety of fruits, which the nature offers us, I wonder why people still buy crappy food, wrapped in glittery packages, which couldn’t even compete with the taste of real food. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean- “I will never eat desserts again.”A healthy lifestyle means- “From now on I will […]

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04 Aug 2014

Raw Chocolate Bars with Coconut Filling

My wonderful co-worker- Victor, had a birthday. I have two favorite presents- a book or something handmade/ home prepared. Vic appreciates healthy desserts and I decided to make him my favorite healthy chocolate bars. At the end, I decided to use part of the mixture and make some healthy chocolate balls. And what is a […]

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