16 Nov 2016

9 Body Weight Exercises to Sculpt Your Upper Body and Triceps


With today’s post I want to suggest you 9 body weight exercises, that will help you shape your triceps. For a lot of men, push-ups and as a whole pushing movements are not a problem and they often do not understand why a woman is challenged to perform them. In reality, if until now you […]

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01 Nov 2012

6 Reasons To Keep On Working Out In Winter

Winter is here and probably some of you will give up on working out. Winter and cold weather that goes with it, are the perfect premise to hide behind layers of clothes and convince ourselves that there isn’t anybody to see how fat we are. Thus, without even realizing it, the pounds pack on and […]

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19 Dec 2011

What Did You Do Today, To Become The Person You'd Like To Be Tomorrow?

If you keep on eating junk food… you will look like it! If you eat healthy, you are probably gonna be fit sooner or later! If you always call it a day and skip your workouts… you will never get that PR! If you work hard towards your goals, even when you have something easier […]

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26 Nov 2011

What Is Gonna Happen? It Is Your Own Choice!

You could choose this for breakfast… …but you could choose this instead: You could have something like that for lunch… …but why not choose this: You could drink soda: But why not choose water? You could spend your free time doing this: …but why not do this instead? You could always go by car… …or […]

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05 Nov 2011

A Couple Things You Should See Before You Start Working Out!

You could go to the gym and do endless cardio…                                                   …and end up looking like this             Or you could take one of those things below-called weights….   And end uplooking like her …     You could keep eating like a 10 year old anorexic… Or you could enjoy eating enough…   […]

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19 Oct 2011

The evolution of man, or did we hit rock bottom!

Some time ago somebody on my friend’s list in facebook, posted a picture, called the evolution of man. It is the picture that follows our evolution till we become really fit. As I saw it, I remembered about another picture that I have in my archives. It is the picture which follows our evolution till […]

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