20 Sep 2012

Starve Yourself, Like Me!

Did you really think I am starving? No way! 😉 Starving… probably this theme is already lame, but I still see a lot of people, starving themselves, when they are trying to lose weight. When I say starving yourself, I am not talking about the so popular intermittent fasting. The difference between starving yourself and […]

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25 Jul 2012

Don't Read That If You Want to Stay Over Weight!

It is the season for rest and vacations. Most people use this time of the year, to go out more often, to visit different places and engage in different activities, that they don’t have the opportunity to participate in on a daily basis. At first sight this is great, but besides the positives that the […]

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11 Jul 2012

Do You Still Believe These Lies?

  “I don’t work out, because I have kids.” Are you sure that this is the reason you are not working out? Or you are just using your kids as an excuse, so you could feel better about yourself? “I can’t get in shape, because I am too old. Old people can’t work out!” Yea, […]

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30 Apr 2012

Too Early, Too Cold, Too Hard…

To be unsatisfied with where you are and still don’t take an action to change it! Not feeling good in your own skin and still follow your bad habits. To have low self- confidence and still feed your mind with negativity and denial! To feel lost and still keep walking on the same path. How […]

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16 Nov 2011

My Four Steps To Stay Motivated

More often than not, people don’t lack time to workout, rather than that they lack motivation! Sometimes it might look hard to find motivation and keep going when you don’t really feel like doing it.That’s why I will suggest you four ways to stay motivated! 1. Know why you are doing it– whatever you do […]

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