26 Mar 2016

9 Important Steps to Transformation Everyone Forgets Too Soon


When you devote yourself and your whole being to an idea, a philosophy, a mission, everything inside you changes. It is as if you become a new person. People you’ve known in the past run into you on the street, they look you up and down and say, whether in their minds, or out loud: […]

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16 Mar 2016

6 Things I Changed About My Diet


I do so many nutrition plans and the conclusion from my work with all the wonderful women that I work with, is that most of them need to work more on their relationship with food and the way they treat their own self. Emotional eating, the guilt we feel after we eat one thing or […]

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04 Feb 2016

Consider This in Your Diet and Your Hunger Will Decrease


Throughout the last couple years, I gathered a lot of experience – both with myself and with my clients – online and at my IFS gym. I observe that most people who are keen on healthy eating, have a pretty vast knowledge about how they are supposed to eat and combine foods. Still, very few […]

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19 Oct 2015

The Hedonic Diet: What Is It and What We Can Achieve with It?


Eating is an art. We all know what we are supposed to eat, but we are rarely attracted by a tasteless steak, green salad without any condiments. The rice on the supermarket shelf doesn’t attract us, but if we see it cooked with some seafood or veggies, we will immediately feel like taking a huge […]

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12 Feb 2014

The Key to Finding The Nutrition Plan That Works FOR YOU and Getting a Fitter Body!

Some time ago, I wrote this post “The Truth about The Change in My Nutrition and The Results I Get”. There, I shared more about my journey about going from 5-6 meals a day and the conviction that you should eat often, in smaller quantities, to today, when I eat just 2-3 times a day. […]

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12 Jul 2012

Why Your Weight Loss Diet Doesn't Work( and Probably Will Never Work)?

Sometimes when I read some of the popular diets, widely spread in the media, I really feel the urge to start hitting my head in the keyboard and I wonder how it is possible for somebody to write so much shitty stuff and in the same time to just fool people around! How many of […]

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17 Apr 2012

Are You Making This Mistake Which Is Hindering Your Weight Loss Progress?

  Do you often struggle staying on track with your diet? Are you one of those people that try so hard to get everything right, but never manage to achieve your goal about a lean and sexy body? What is it that is stopping your progress? Probably you are cursed to be overweight? Wrong! That […]

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