15 Sep 2016

A Delicious Single Serving Cake with Minimal Calories


A cake for one (#ifsrecipes). More often than not, people say that they cannot prepare healthy food and add variety to their diet, because they have nobody to share it with. Actually, cooking for one or two people is not time consuming and for 10-15 minutes, you can make a real cooking masterpiece, that will not […]

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10 Jan 2016

Yummy Fluffy Pancake – Apple Sweetness in Less Than 10 Minutes


When I was younger, pancakes were just one of a kind – my favorite pancakes with a ton of chocolate. Today, pancakes bring me the same feeling – of care, attention and there is such a variety of tastes and besides that I make a healthy version of them. Back in the day,s I thought […]

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04 Mar 2012

Gluten Free Banana and Cashew "Sweets"

It is Sunday- one of my favorite days, because it means time to cook something super healthy and delicious! This week’s recipe is for “sweets” with two of my favorite things- banana and cashew. The recipe is really easy and delicious! Check out what you need to prepare them, and go shopping, then get busy […]

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29 Jan 2012

Raw Coconut Cookies With Avocado Cream

At times I wonder why people don’t eat healthy! They do not know how many delicious things they are missing! Real food tastes delicious, especially if you make the effort to prepare it yourself! Today I will give you another quick and delicious recipe for raw coconut cookies with cream avocado. Ingredients for 5 cookies:

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11 Dec 2011

Chocolate balls with coconut filling

When I talk to somebody about nutrition, they always tell me how they couldn’t give up junk food. That’s why they need to eat something “forbidden” at least once a week. Personally I do not like to call a food “forbidden” or “allowed”. To me food is either healthy,i.e. giving your body what it needs […]

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