26 Mar 2016

9 Important Steps to Transformation Everyone Forgets Too Soon


When you devote yourself and your whole being to an idea, a philosophy, a mission, everything inside you changes. It is as if you become a new person. People you’ve known in the past run into you on the street, they look you up and down and say, whether in their minds, or out loud: […]

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26 Nov 2011

What Is Gonna Happen? It Is Your Own Choice!

You could choose this for breakfast… …but you could choose this instead: You could have something like that for lunch… …but why not choose this: You could drink soda: But why not choose water? You could spend your free time doing this: …but why not do this instead? You could always go by car… …or […]

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05 Nov 2011

A Couple Things You Should See Before You Start Working Out!

You could go to the gym and do endless cardio…                                                   …and end up looking like this             Or you could take one of those things below-called weights….   And end uplooking like her …     You could keep eating like a 10 year old anorexic… Or you could enjoy eating enough…   […]

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