26 Oct 2016

3 Ways My London Trip Affected My Training and My Carbohydrate Cravings


I am a thing-finder who is dedicated to their mission of exploring the human body and analyzing the reasons for the occurrence of one condition or another. Many people feel like they are the victims of their conditions and emotions. Many fail to successfully tackle life’s challenges, because they don’t understand the reason for the […]

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16 Mar 2016

6 Things I Changed About My Diet


I do so many nutrition plans and the conclusion from my work with all the wonderful women that I work with, is that most of them need to work more on their relationship with food and the way they treat their own self. Emotional eating, the guilt we feel after we eat one thing or […]

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20 Feb 2013

Part 3: A Calorie Is NOT A Calorie:Why Junk Food In Moderation Is Bad for You

What is the foundation of turning nutrition into a lifestyle, so your thoughts aren’t constantly preoccupied with food; so you don’t feel constantly hungry and so you don’t wonder how to trick your grueling stomach? The answer is that you should find the right approach to control hunger and appetite. And the right approach has […]

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17 Dec 2011

Change Your Approach: Stop Counting Calories

Not long ago I had a conversation with a woman that has a strong desire to change her lifestyle and be healthy and fit. While we were talking about her present diet and what she could change in her nutrition, she asked “ Should we count calories?”. Without giving it much thought I answered “No!”. […]

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22 Nov 2011

Healthy Eating and 5 Things You Got Wrong About It!

I hear it all the time- people that never dare to try eating better and healthier, just because they are scared of it! They listen to all these myths spread in the media, about diets, restrictions, hunger, complicated calculations and so on. People mistakenly think that if they do not follow “the rules” they won’t […]

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22 Oct 2011

The war between high fat and high carb diets

I started writing this article a couple times. Every time I divagated from the main team, as I was either digging way too deeper in science researches or trying to catch every thought that is running through my mind and then write it down, and thus confusing even myself and what’s left for my readers… […]

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