15 Sep 2016

A Delicious Single Serving Cake with Minimal Calories


A cake for one (#ifsrecipes). More often than not, people say that they cannot prepare healthy food and add variety to their diet, because they have nobody to share it with. Actually, cooking for one or two people is not time consuming and for 10-15 minutes, you can make a real cooking masterpiece, that will not […]

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17 Dec 2011

Change Your Approach: Stop Counting Calories

Not long ago I had a conversation with a woman that has a strong desire to change her lifestyle and be healthy and fit. While we were talking about her present diet and what she could change in her nutrition, she asked “ Should we count calories?”. Without giving it much thought I answered “No!”. […]

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22 Nov 2011

Healthy Eating and 5 Things You Got Wrong About It!

I hear it all the time- people that never dare to try eating better and healthier, just because they are scared of it! They listen to all these myths spread in the media, about diets, restrictions, hunger, complicated calculations and so on. People mistakenly think that if they do not follow “the rules” they won’t […]

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