23 Jan 2014

The Wisdom of Experience: Kolio Kolev about Life, Sport and The Ability of Obstacles to Become a Spring Board to Greatness!

Sometimes I wonder…what is it that makes people closer? Some will say the amount of time they spend together. But is that true? What could give you the freedom to feel yourself, to feel accepted, accomplished and appreciated, in the presence of somebody you meet for the first time? What is it that takes away […]

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10 Dec 2013

James Clear: The Living Proof That There Is Life Beyond Mediocrity

I love the opportunity to interview people like James Clear. People who are the living proof, that there is life beyond mediocrity; life beyond the common knowledge. People who use their existence as an opportunity to show the limitless capacity of a human being. I love the opportunity that people like James offer me- the […]

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12 Nov 2013

Vanya Visarionova: The Busy Mom Who Stays Fit, Beautiful and Healthy

Ines Subashka: Thank you for agreeing to give an interview for my blog. Introduce yourself. Vanya Visarionova: You are welcome. My name is Vanya Visarionova. Most fitness people know me as Vissi. I’ve been an athlete since my early childhood. I used to be a swimmer, tennis player and I played basketball for 10 years. […]

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15 Oct 2013

Marisa Inda: The Living Proof That Women Can Be Everything They Set Their Mind to Become

The world needs people, who have walked the path towards their own self. The kind of people, who have done the hard work to build their own personality, to overcome their fears and rise above their limitations. The world needs the kind of people, who are the living proof, that every dream can be achieved, […]

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17 Sep 2013

The Personal Confession of Kaila Prins: The Journey of An Amazing Woman from a Meat Eater to Vegan and What Made Her Go Back to Eating Meat Again?

Today I have a really interesting interview for you, that I’ve been wanting for a long time, but it was just now that I dared to ask.  It is with a beautiful woman, who has walked the path from a meat eater, through a vegetarian, to a vegan and then she went back to eating […]

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10 Sep 2013

Valerie Hunt: Pose Running Technique and Endurance Training Through a Different Perspective

I am a big fan of sprinting and interval sprint training. I think that most people can benefit a lot if they quit doing the traditional cardio on the machines, and start training more intensely and doing sprints every now and then. But the thing is, I also believe that running does more harm, than […]

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12 Apr 2013

Yoanna Hristova: Life Beyond Limitations

  Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself. Yoanna Hristova: My name is Yoanna Hristova. I am 25 years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated aviation technologies in Technical University of Sofia. IS: How long have you been participating in the stunting workouts? Have you been involved in other sports before that? YoH: I’ve been […]

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