Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong!

…or it depends on where we are on our journey! I love writing about nutrition. I have done so many mistakes and I have learned so much, that I could write a post with 10 mistakes – every single day. I have noticed that like everything else in life, when it comes to workouts and […]

Ines Subashka

My Adventure Life: How I Stay Fit When I Travel

Every travel is a journey to your own self. An opportunity to take off the clothes of routine, to wipe out the burden of daily life and tear the chains of habits. With every mile that you travel away, you get distant from one of your personalities and get closer to your other one – […]

Ines Subashka

Do Them Everywhere: My Favorite Exercises for Strong and Sexy Abs

Lately, I’ve been inclined to add more exercise variations in my training and test different training methods. It kind of takes me out of the routine of being involved in physical activity for the past 14 years. It turned out that shopping bags work great not just for the groceries, and for the trash, but […]

Ines Subashka

4 Pulling Exercises That You Are Not Doing – But You Should!

I always get surprised when somebody tells me that he or she is bored to train in the gym – ït’s always the same boring exercises”. As I love saying “only boring people feel bored. It is true for everything!” Workouts can be different and exciting no matter how long you have been training – […]

Ines Subashka

Sit-Ups Don’t Work: 4 Exercises for Strong Core and Ripped Abs

Without challenges the human body becomes weaker. We thrive when we get out of our comfort zone, we achieve our goals and we set new records. We act better, look better and feel alive. We either progress or regress. There is no such thing as moderation. Moderation is easily turned into stagnation. If we want […]

Ines Subashka

8 Exercises That Will Grow Your Glutes without Growing Your Legs

I train with a lot of women. When they start training, most of them are bifurcated between the myths about women and weights and their inner sense of what is right. They come and train with me, they notice their own progress, but in the same time they cannot get rid of the notion that […]

Ines Subashka

Q&A: Why Do You Fail Your Diet on The Weekends and When to Perform Single Leg Hip Thrusts?

How is your week? Mine is really productive. Thank you for all your wonderful messages. This week I decided to choose these questions. I will be happy if you share your opinion in the comments below. Ines, I have a problem. For some time I’ve been trying to eat healthier and during the week everything […]

Ines Subashka

Q&A: How to Bring More Variety In Your Workouts and Do You Need to Exercise Everyday In Order to Have Abs?

Hello, Ines. I’ve been training with compound movements for a long time, but lately I don’t seem to find a motivation to work out. I feel as if there aren’t many compound movements and it seems like everything I do is out of habit. I don’t feel the challenge anymore. What could I do in […]

Ines Subashka
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“IFS! After a couple injuries, when lifting weights seemed the only choice, I found IFS and I stumbled upon the qualified and inspiring IFS team. They always give their best to take care of our body and mind. The IFS gym became the place with which I can identify and where I get to meet people with the same goal. It is the place where I get to restart my day and find motivation for every deed outside of the gym.”

Aneliya Todorova

“Workouts that match the physical abilities of every trainee, yet they are challenging enough to motivate you and push you to be a better version of yourself. There isn’t a better thing than seeing your progress and going beyond what you thought was possible. Here, I learned that the only limitation of the body, is the one we set!”

Dobritsa Ivanova

Going to the gym empowers me with positive energy. Every workout is a big challenge, that I eagerly anticipate. This is one of the places where I feel home. And everything is thanks to the dedication of the IFS team.

Eli Kostova

“Even with the first step in the IFS gym, you will realize that this is not just a place to work out. The approach of the coaches, the selection of exercises and the positive spirit motivate me to look forward to the next workout. I like how everything has a deeper meaning. Behind every exercise there is a reason. After each set I feel more confident and with a desire to improve my results. The IFS team is great and they help me achieve my goals.”

Tani Tanev

“For me IFS is a life style. IFS helps for personal evolution – both on the physical level and on the conscious level. The workouts in IFS are well structures and they match the individual abilities of every trainee at that particular moment, but they are never boring. The atmosphere is extremely friendly. The IFS team is great – they will never let you be lazy or inactive, but if you are on the edge of your power, they will give you courage and help you get the best out of yourself. You just need to trust them. I did.”

Spas Kolev