My Top 6 Stability Ball Exercises For Carving Out Your Abs

After body weight exercises and the resistance band, the best friend of an athlete is the stability ball. If you have one, it gives you the opportunity to do a lot of exercises. There are a lot of variations for core and leg exercises and you also add the stability element, which activates a lot […]

Ines Subashka

A Letter to All Lazy and Gluttonous People

Hey you, I know that people around you, fitness experts, people you train with, have made you believe that your are lazy and gluttonous. I am right, aren’t I? How many times have they told you that you do not have enough will; that you make too many excuses; that you do not want it […]

Ines Subashka

3 Ways to Train Abs With a Resistance Band

Summer is the time when we travel a lot. We can’t take weights with us or we can’t always find a gym while on vacation. But there are always exercises that we can do. Resistance bands are one of my favorite types of equipment. Here are three of my favorite abs’exercises with a resistance band. […]

Ines Subashka

We Are Always Beginners – For What Is Forthcoming

The best and in the same time the hardest feeling is being a beginner. Being a beginner gives you a huge space to advance and to grow. In the same time, when you are a beginner, the path in front of you is so foggy. You have no idea what to expect. You have no […]

Ines Subashka

8 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

The other day, when I woke up I had some lower back pain. I was traveling and I slept in a  bed that wasn’t really comfortable. I know that when that happens there is a pretty big chance that my lower back will hurt. In the past, I used to think that this is something […]

Ines Subashka

5 Great Exercises for Your Hamstrings and Butt That You Are Not Doing

Everybody in the fitness industry is crazy about abs, and my passion have always been nice, strong legs and well shaped butt. Besides the good appearance, there is something great in feeling the strength in your legs and being able to use it. I am a fan of basic, compound movements, yet I love experimenting […]

Ines Subashka

Do These 12 Simple Exercises Every Morning

I will never forget a morning some 10 years ago. I was 16 and my great grandmother was about 90 years old. Every morning she would get up and do some exercises. She walked slowly, but never missed a chance to go out on the porch, prop up her walking stick against the wall and […]

Ines Subashka

3 Habits That Increase Our Carb Cravings

Working with a lot of people is yet another chance to peek into the human mind and realize how much we are alike. We all think we are the only ones with a certain problem. We are the only ones dealing with it, while actually the road we walk is the same – we just […]

Ines Subashka
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“IFS! After a couple injuries, when lifting weights seemed the only choice, I found IFS and I stumbled upon the qualified and inspiring IFS team. They always give their best to take care of our body and mind. The IFS gym became the place with which I can identify and where I get to meet people with the same goal. It is the place where I get to restart my day and find motivation for every deed outside of the gym.”

Aneliya Todorova

“Workouts that match the physical abilities of every trainee, yet they are challenging enough to motivate you and push you to be a better version of yourself. There isn’t a better thing than seeing your progress and going beyond what you thought was possible. Here, I learned that the only limitation of the body, is the one we set!”

Dobritsa Ivanova

Going to the gym empowers me with positive energy. Every workout is a big challenge, that I eagerly anticipate. This is one of the places where I feel home. And everything is thanks to the dedication of the IFS team.

Eli Kostova

“Even with the first step in the IFS gym, you will realize that this is not just a place to work out. The approach of the coaches, the selection of exercises and the positive spirit motivate me to look forward to the next workout. I like how everything has a deeper meaning. Behind every exercise there is a reason. After each set I feel more confident and with a desire to improve my results. The IFS team is great and they help me achieve my goals.”

Tani Tanev

“For me IFS is a life style. IFS helps for personal evolution – both on the physical level and on the conscious level. The workouts in IFS are well structures and they match the individual abilities of every trainee at that particular moment, but they are never boring. The atmosphere is extremely friendly. The IFS team is great – they will never let you be lazy or inactive, but if you are on the edge of your power, they will give you courage and help you get the best out of yourself. You just need to trust them. I did.”

Spas Kolev