14 Sep 2015

Chocolate Mousse with Pumpkin Flavor: A Healthy Dessert for Everyday


I love autumn – this is my favorite season. For some people autumn invites melancholy, for me it invites emotions – in their whole palette. For me autumn is a symbol of change and of a never – ending cycle. It is a symbol of the temporary nature of everything and of the beauty of […]

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12 Sep 2015

Are You Confused about The Importance of Having Breakfast? Then Read This!


  If I have learnt one thing through the past 8 years, since I started experimenting with different nutrition plans and training methods, it is that diet and training are not static. They constantly change, depending on the situation and the goal we have. I once read that every direction is the right one. The […]

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25 Aug 2015

IFS Podcast #10 with Tristan Haggard: Ketogenic Diet As a Tool for Health, Performance and Beyond

Tristan Haggard

My guest today is Tristan Haggard and you’ve probably read some of his great articles on The Primal Edge Health.com or you’ve watched some of his great, helpful videos on Youtube. Tristan is not like the other health gurus, because he approaches health and fitness through a different perspective – he looks on that through the […]

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17 Aug 2015

4 Pulling Exercises That You Are Not Doing – But You Should!

Ines subashka

I always get surprised when somebody tells me that he or she is bored to train in the gym – ït’s always the same boring exercises”. As I love saying “only boring people feel bored. It is true for everything!” Workouts can be different and exciting no matter how long you have been training – […]

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