05 Jul

Sit-Ups Don’t Work: 3 Exercises for Strong Core and Ripped Abs


Without challenges the human body becomes weaker. We thrive when we get out of our comfort zone, we achieve our goals and we set new records. We act better, look better and feel alive. We either progress or regress. There is no such thing as moderation. Moderation is easily turned into stagnation. If we want […]

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02 Jul

The Truth About Coconut Butter and Intermittent Fasting


In my previous articles I have written about the fasting as a protocol (HERE); 5 types of people who shouldn’t fast (HERE); I have also shared a wide description of my experiment with 24 hours fasting (HERE) and 6 mistakes I made with fasting so you don’t have to.(HERE) Because I and each of you aim not only […]

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27 Jun

Fasting: 5 Types of People Who Should NOT Follow The Protocol! Are You One Of Them?


Every time we see that something works we hurry to put it into action. We want to achieve the same and believe that if it works for the others it will also work for us. Actually it is not always like that. What we can use are some principles. Every healthy program– nutrition wise or training […]

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10 Jun

3 Fasting Protocols That Will Get You Lean and Athletic


In my last two posts about fasting (HERE 1 and HERE 2) I mentioned you how this method helped me achieve the best shape of my life and I shared with you 6 mistakes I made while fasting and what I intend on changing this time. I mentioned you about the different fating protocols and […]

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05 Jun

6 Mistakes I Made with Fasting So You Don’t Have To


In my previous post I told you about the way I eat now. I didn’t write a detailed post about what is intermittent fasting, because I’ve written about it before. Still, I received a lot of questions from some of you. That’s why in this post I will explain you in short what is fasting […]

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22 Oct

Everything You Need to Know About Stubborn Fat and Spot Reduction! How to Get Rid of The Problem Zones Successfully?


The main difference between health and disease, energetic youth or sedentary aging, being overweight or being at a healthy weight, are hormones. No matter what you read, what you say or what are the myths you choose to believe, hormones are the once, that dictate how your body functions and how these functions or the […]

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