06 Feb 2016

Busy and Fit: 3 High Intensity Body Weight Home Workouts


After the home workouts I published for Christmas, I received a lot of messages. Some of you wrote me that you tried them and that you have never felt better, and you have never felt such intensity from a short workout like that. My mission is to show every person, that in order to be […]

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04 Feb 2016

Consider This in Your Diet and Your Hunger Will Decrease


Throughout the last couple years, I gathered a lot of experience – both with myself and with my clients – online and at my IFS gym. I observe that most people who are keen on healthy eating, have a pretty vast knowledge about how they are supposed to eat and combine foods. Still, very few […]

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17 Jan 2016

4 Insights That Set Me Free From Depriving Diets and Exhausting Workouts


Change comes suddenly but it is not a product of the present moment. It is a result of a long preparation in the past. Usually it is a fruit of a lot of mistakes made and the gathering of some experience from each one of them. Being in shape is not just a physical expression. […]

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10 Jan 2016

Yummy Fluffy Pancake – Apple Sweetness in Less Than 10 Minutes


When I was younger, pancakes were just one of a kind – my favorite pancakes with a ton of chocolate. Today, pancakes bring me the same feeling – of care, attention and there is such a variety of tastes and besides that I make a healthy version of them. Back in the day,s I thought […]

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30 Dec 2015

Alcohol and Calories: Does Alcohol Make You Fat?


What impact alcoholic beverages have on our body and how to consume them more responsibly, so they will not interfere with the results of our efforts in the gym Form this text you will learn: -what happens to our body after we consume alcoholic beverages; -what impact alcohol has on our sleep, weight and athletic […]

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21 Dec 2015

3 Ways That We Gain Unwanted Weight While On a Diet


The most unsatisfied people are not those who are overweight. The most disappointed people are those who have realized the need to lose the excess weight; those who make the effort to train and eat healthy on a daily basis, but their appearance never expresses even a hint about the efforts they made. These are […]

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11 Dec 2015

Feel Full Longer and Lose Weight Faster: Quality Sources of Protein and How to Fit Them In The Diet


A working nutrient plan is the plan that is a result of enough knowledge and observations – on your own self and on how your body reacts to particular foods, particular combinations of ingredients, in different parts of the day and in different conditions (rest day, training day, a day with less sleep, a day […]

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26 Nov 2015

6 Facts about Muscle Soreness That Every Exerciser Should Know


The first time we go to the gym, or after the first workout, there are always those new feelings that accompany us. While you work out, you feel that you have muscles on your back, on your butt and you even feel the abs, which you are waiting to pop up – a hint that […]

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