23 Apr 2016

Strawberry Bread – Lora


I love my job and the wonderful people that I meet. During the last IFS Bootcamp (you can see pictures here), I met a lot of inspiring people. This was the best Bootcamp. Every person had a clear goal, motivation and everybody was inspired to give their best. There, I met Lora. I already knew […]

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26 Mar 2016

9 Important Steps to Transformation Everyone Forgets Too Soon


When you devote yourself and your whole being to an idea, a philosophy, a mission, everything inside you changes. It is as if you become a new person. People you’ve known in the past run into you on the street, they look you up and down and say, whether in their minds, or out loud: […]

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16 Mar 2016

6 Things I Changed About My Diet


I do so many nutrition plans and the conclusion from my work with all the wonderful women that I work with, is that most of them need to work more on their relationship with food and the way they treat their own self. Emotional eating, the guilt we feel after we eat one thing or […]

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