It's not about trying or forcing…it's about allowing

On this day four years ago my life took a turn. I was a professional basketball player with big dreams and hopes for the future. During that time I was in Italy for try outs and I was about to sign a contract and play there. I was 18 years old and I couldn’t wait […]

Ines Subashka

Interview with Josh Everett

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself. Josh Everett: Hi, my name is Josh Everett and I am a strength and conditioning coach employed by the United States Navy. IS: How long have you being doing crossfit? JE:7 years IS: Have you been involved in some other sports before that? JE: Prior to Crossfit I played American football […]

Ines Subashka

Workout of the day, September,23

  If you are not an advanced athlete you could scale the workout: Do 10 rounds: 50m. sprint 10 burpees without the push up 50m sprint 10 band assisted pull-ups or if you do not have bands do horizontal pull-ups

Ines Subashka

I workout because…

I went to the gym this morning and as usual I had a pretty tough workout. I am often asked why do I do all this crazy stuff. I am often asked “ What are you preparing for? In what sport do you compete?”. I always say “Oh,nothing. I workout for fun.”When I tell them […]

Ines Subashka

Workout of the day, September,22

Ines Subashka

You can't fix a body you hate

This afternoon I was reading a fitness forum, when I stumbled over a post from a girl that has been trying for years to lose weight; she has tried every fad diet that there is out there and she has never come close to the way she wants to look. The only thing that her […]

Ines Subashka

Workout of the day, September,21

Ines Subashka

Face your weakness

Our weakness becomes our strength Everybody had a moment in their life when the voice inside your head starts pounding against your eardrums, telling you you’re too tired, too sick, or too weak to go on. Or a moment when you convince yourself you’re too fat to wear that dress, too old to play that […]

Ines Subashka
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“IFS! After a couple injuries, when lifting weights seemed the only choice, I found IFS and I stumbled upon the qualified and inspiring IFS team. They always give their best to take care of our body and mind. The IFS gym became the place with which I can identify and where I get to meet people with the same goal. It is the place where I get to restart my day and find motivation for every deed outside of the gym.”

Aneliya Todorova

“Workouts that match the physical abilities of every trainee, yet they are challenging enough to motivate you and push you to be a better version of yourself. There isn’t a better thing than seeing your progress and going beyond what you thought was possible. Here, I learned that the only limitation of the body, is the one we set!”

Dobritsa Ivanova

Going to the gym empowers me with positive energy. Every workout is a big challenge, that I eagerly anticipate. This is one of the places where I feel home. And everything is thanks to the dedication of the IFS team.

Eli Kostova

“Even with the first step in the IFS gym, you will realize that this is not just a place to work out. The approach of the coaches, the selection of exercises and the positive spirit motivate me to look forward to the next workout. I like how everything has a deeper meaning. Behind every exercise there is a reason. After each set I feel more confident and with a desire to improve my results. The IFS team is great and they help me achieve my goals.”

Tani Tanev

“For me IFS is a life style. IFS helps for personal evolution – both on the physical level and on the conscious level. The workouts in IFS are well structures and they match the individual abilities of every trainee at that particular moment, but they are never boring. The atmosphere is extremely friendly. The IFS team is great – they will never let you be lazy or inactive, but if you are on the edge of your power, they will give you courage and help you get the best out of yourself. You just need to trust them. I did.”

Spas Kolev

“IFS is the place where you do not think what people could say about you or how they would look at you. There, you just feel that everybody wants you to succeed and they are ready to be by your side.”

Desi Milanova

“I have been training in IFS for a bout an year and a half and in my opinion the workouts there help you not just to improve the way you look, but also the way you think and feel. Every time I leave the gym, empowered with more positive energy and ready to face the challenges of the new day.”

Маргарита Харизанова

“The workouts in IFS were the beginning of my reinvention. They are still my trampoline to a better self, towards the discovery of qualities and capabilities I didn’t suspect I had. They are my weekly dose of inspiration, motivation, support and the most important: they helped me turn sport into a need for my body, just the way it is with food!”

Nadejda Pavlova

“The IFS gym is the place where I really become full of enthusiasm and positive emotions. Here, I rediscovered myself and I keep challenging myself. Thanks to the great team of coaches. I have tried many activities, where something was always missing. But when it comes to IFS, I can really call it my thing and my place.”

Irena Mihailova

“A motivated, inspired and committed to a mission team of young coaches. They are committed to our health, improving our physical abilities and confidence. Every workouts becomes not just a challenge, but also an entertainment and a way to discover how much we are capable of.”

Dimitar Trifonov

Working out in IFS is a dream that came true. All the coaches are so different, yet so similar. For them “I can’t” is not an option and you have no chance to quit. If you are ready to give your best, they are ready to give you as much, just to prove you how much your body is capable of.”

Desi Milanova

“I’ve never been to a better workout, which is both – personal when it comes to the exercises and the intensity and in the same time it has the fun and the stimulus of the group workout! The team of IFS coaches are real professionals – every mistake in the technique is spotted on the second and improved right away. I’ve never been left alone, unless I do everything perfect. And surprise! Even my professional yoga practices, after a workout in IFS I feel so much peaceful and calm! Obviously I needed some weights!”

Irina Koleva