About Us

Somewhere along our way, we made the wrong turn, which led us to a rough path, where each of our actions is getting to selfdestruction. We are troubled to recognize basic, natural, and nutritious fare, instead plucking processed, chemical products from the store shelves and calling it” food”. People nowadays become slaves of a sedentary lifestyle, which we callgoal orientation and a passion for a career success.
IFS is the place where a team of young and generously sharing their knowledge, professionals, (who specialized in the area of strength and conditional training and healthy living), unite their efforts to spread one missioni. e.to show people that our body is created for movement. When paying more attention to the food we eat we don’t take it as a caprice, inbred in the selfreliant, but a necessity to each of us and one of the
basics for a quality and satisfying life.
IFS is the place, where under the supervision of our inspiring team of professionals, everybody gets the support,which he or she misses, in order to take the individual on the path to a better self. To be healthier and more capable human being that believes in his/hers abilities and fulfills his/hers potentialevery day!
IFS is the place where the opportunity is given to all, through working out and healthy eating, to restore their health and realize that ultimate sport’s achievements are not meant just for professional athletes. Instead they are a capability of each one of us.
IFS is the place where we offer you the method, with least investment of time, but the one that leads to the most satisfying results. A method, which is a result of long years of training, experience, experiments and analysis of massive quantity of information.