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5 Things You Don’t Know about Intermittent Fasting

Fasting, i.e. cyclic eating, was quite popular a couple of years ago and now it is gaining momentum again. I have personally tried all fasting protocols and if you read my older posts, you will see my various experiments. For about a year and a half I followed the 16/8 protocol where you fast for […]

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Podcast #13: Jeff Rothschild – Intermittent Fasting, Female Athletes Nutrition and Circadian Biology

In this podcast, Jeff gives amazing advice for endurance athletes, when it comes to nutrition manipulation around different workouts; some important considerations for the female athletes and how different phases of the menstrual cycle can impact performance and carb cravings; as well as, we discuss really interesting topics around fasting, circadian biology and night shifts. […]

Ines Subashka

Fasting As A Weight Loss Instrument – Is It Bad For Women?

Since I have started with a series of articles about fasting, I receive a lot of messages. Many of you thank me and say that this was the method they needed to feel better in their bodies and to achieve their goals easily. There are some, who would like to try but are full with […]

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The Truth About Coconut Butter and Intermittent Fasting

In my previous articles I have written about the fasting as a protocol (HERE); 5 types of people who shouldn’t fast (HERE); I have also shared a wide description of my experiment with 24 hours fasting (HERE) and 6 mistakes I made with fasting so you don’t have to.(HERE) Because I and each of you aim not only […]

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Fasting: 5 Types of People Who Should NOT Follow The Protocol! Are You One Of Them?

Every time we see that something works we hurry to put it into action. We want to achieve the same and believe that if it works for the others it will also work for us. Actually it is not always like that. What we can use are some principles. Every healthy program– nutrition wise or training […]

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3 Fasting Protocols That Will Get You Lean and Athletic

In my last two posts about fasting (HERE 1 and HERE 2) I mentioned you how this method helped me achieve the best shape of my life and I shared with you 6 mistakes I made while fasting and what I intend on changing this time. I mentioned you about the different fating protocols and […]

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6 Mistakes I Made with Fasting So You Don’t Have To

In my previous post I told you about the way I eat now. I didn’t write a detailed post about what is intermittent fasting, because I’ve written about it before. Still, I received a lot of questions from some of you. That’s why in this post I will explain you in short what is fasting […]

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Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Get In The Best Shape of My Life

The quality of our life depends on our convictions. Our convictions are the basis on which all our actions are supported. Our convictions are our limitations. Often times they stop us from trying something new, something different. Often times they interfere with our own change when the world around us is changing. Our convictions are […]

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Q&A: What Should You Eat After a Cardio Session, How to Fix Your Flat Feet and Is Intermittent Fasting Gonna Make Your Metabolism Slower?

How is your week? Mine is wonderful. I am practicing a lot my handstands and I am having a lot of fun with it. Besides that I am reading some great books, even though this week I am trying to limit my hunger for information, because otherwise I try to fill every free minute with […]

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Q&A: Everything about When You SHould Eat Fruits; How to Structure an Effective Workout and How to Kill Hunger During Fasting

How is your week? Mine is kind of busy and challenging, but still great, because I get to test my patience and acceptance, which is always a great thing to do. Thank you for all your wonderful messages. I really appreciate the time you take to share stuff with me. These are the questions I […]

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