When You Lose Direction, Remind Yourself of This

1.Remember the reason why you started and what kept you going.

Having a goal and being able to visualize it clearly always makes you willing to do the effort it takes to get to the end.

2.Value your progress

It is easy to get lost in what you are not. But a person does not achieve success by reminding themselves of the things they can’t do and of how much they suck. A person achieves success by reminding themselves of where they started and how much progress they have made. Then nothing can break them, because in the midst of their wandering they find everything they need inside themselves in order to fulfill their potential.

3.Don’t compare yourself to others

We often compare our worst moments to other people’s best moments. Others only share a fragment of their lives, but we know everything about ourselves and sometimes we erroneously believe that we are the only ones who have flaws. Everyone does, but they don’t always show them. Compare yourself to who you used to be yesterday.

4.Trust the process

You will not see and feel progress each and every day, but this does not mean that progress is not occurring. Before something becomes visible to you and to the people around you, it has to occur at another level. A flower starts to develop while still under the ground, and before we see something beautiful, it took a long time to evolve away from our gaze. Trust the process and keep showing your body, your mind, your life what direction you want them to move in.

5.Don’t substitute your own center of gravity for someone else’s

It is easy to lose direction, when you listen to what others expect and want. Other people’s wishes and views are not yours and you don’t have to fit into them. Don’t give up your own center of gravity merely to gravitate around someone else’s. This will bring your life out of balance.