Pumpkin Cream for Picky Eaters

It doesn’t matter if you like pumpkin. You will for sure like this mousse. A lot of people who claim they don’t like pumpkin, have already tried the mousse and are surprised with the great taste. Healthy eating is something simple and it doesn’t require much time, just some imagination how you could combine different ingredients. Diets that require eating just protein and plain quark, are already in history and I have no idea, how I used to thrive on that. Still, I love using quark as a source of protein in some of my pancakes, brownies and mousses. It makes me fill satiety for long periods of time. I am not quite sure about the quark in the USA, so I guess you could probably use cottage cheese.


5 table spoons boiled or baked pumpkin (I like baked better)

*the spoons are kind of filled not even 😀

3 table spoons cottage cheese/quark

natural cocoa powder ( I put about 1 even table spoon, but it depends on the cocoa taste you can tolerate) (

a big splash of coconut milk

10 raw nuts of choice

Blend and serve with the nuts on top.

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