Neck and Shoulder Pain As A Result of The Way We Sleep

We have fallen to believe that a couple hours of exercise, a week, are enough care for the body and enough physical activity. In reality, it matters what we do most of the time, not some of the time. The way we move throughout of the day or the way we do not move, has more impact on our health and on the way we feel. There is another factor, that most people neglect, yet it plays a significant role about some of the pains we have – neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain and so forth.

I am talking about sleep – but not about the benefits of a good night sleep, but the way we actually sleep – the body pattern. We hardly ever think about the way we position our body during sleep – if we sleep curled up on our left or right side, or probably on our stomach. We rarely think that we spend between 6-9 hours in one of this positions and that this enhances a certain movement pattern throughout the day.

Many people have neck pain. For example they feel stiffness on the left. They search for different reasons, but they do not even give it a thought that they always sleep on the left side, and that when they wake up, they just get out of bed and then directly go to work. They fill stiff and they sit all they long, and meanwhile they might exercise for an hour, which only worsens the situation. Because we train the way we move throughout the rest of the day. We transfer our daily movement patterns into the gym.

You have no idea about the difference you would feel in your body and how much pain would become useless, if every morning when you wake up, you have the habit of doing some mobility drills. I remember my great – grandma who used to always do 10-15 minutes of stretching in the morning. She used to be 90 years old, when she was still doing some sort of push-ups on the parapet.

Taking care of your body is a daily effort and the time we take for it, pays off.

Imagine your body as a play-doh. Sleeping in the same position or sitting on the chair all day long, remodels the body in a certain way. Then, remodeled like this, the body transfers this pattern in our daily movements, as well as during exercise. This usually stresses the soft tissues, which are not supposed to carry the load in this particular manner.

Everything could change, if you start waking up 10-15 minutes earlier. You can use them for light mobility exercises or some yoga. In the video, you will see some of the exercises that you could do. And in the previous posts below, you can see about 30 different exercises for different parts of the body (back, lower back, hips, knees, shoulders), which you can do on different days.

Do not underestimate the change that can take place, because of 15 minutes, used for mobility on a daily basis.

The body changes according to the stimulus we send it. When we show the body what we want out of it, it finds a way to get there.

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