2 High Intensity Full Body Workouts

Sometimes, our idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like is what keeps us away from improving our health and body. Many people have that perfect idea of how a workout is supposed to look and how long it should last. Sometimes, we do not appreciate the power of the small steps, that lead to more better choices. For example, a short 20 minute workout will make us feel energetic, accomplished and will probably lead us to better food choices. We will appreciate movement and the way it makes us feel and we might get interested in trying more workouts or just finding more time for physical activity. We have a holiday weekend in Bulgaria and many people will travel, so I put together two quick workouts that could be done everywhere.

Workout 1:

3 Rounds as fast as possible:

20 reps Lunge Climber
20 Squat with a twist
20 Hip lift+abduction
10 Wall Jumps
10 Hand Release Push-ups
20 Commandos
10 V-tuck
10 V-ups
60 sec fire legs

Workout 2:

Do one minute of each exercise and rest 15 sec. between each exercise. For example 1 minute pulse squat with curtsy lunge, then rest 15 sec. and go ahead to do 1 minute side walk with a band. The order of the exercises:

1.Pulse squat with curtsy lunge
2.Side walks with the band – each side
3.Surfer Burpees
4.Hand Release Push-ups
5.Mountain Climbers with a band
6.Reverse plank slide
7.Wall Jump
8.Fire Legs
9.Lunge Climbers
10.Squat with a Twist
11.Hip lift+abduction
14. Commandoes