Warm Basil Salad with Salmon and Shrimp

I ended my unhealthy relationship with food and healthy eating when I realized that my inability to follow a particular nutrition plan is not due to my lack of will, but to my lack of proper understanding of my own body.

What we feel like eating is usually due to the biological drive of your body and not due to gluttony. Or to be more precise, gluttony is an accompanying state of particular physiological processes. In order to get rid of gluttony, we need to change what happens inside of the body.

My “aha moment”was when I realized exactly what happens in the body when I feel like eating sweet or salty foods. That is when I realized that it was exactly my behavior of limiting particular food groups and macronutrients, that was constantly spinning me in the enchanted circle of deprivation, followed by binging. I realized that emotional eating is not actually emotions causing that behavior, but the physiological processes that caused that behavior in the first place and they were due to lack of nutrients.

And in that sense, I prepared the most delicious warm salad with salmon and shrimps. The combination of tastes is what brings satiety, and this salad was a great post workout meal. I learned what are the combinations that bring satiety to my body and now I get full with less food (as quantity) but more nutritionally dense. Try it and then share with me how you feel.


180 grams baked salmon (I had some baked salmon from my dinner. I like the taste of cold salmon)

2 shrimps that I baked with the salmon

1 carrot cut in circles

1/4 red onion, vut in small pieces

1/4 zucchini (cut)

4-5 small florets broccoli

2 mushrooms

2-3 basil leaves

2-3 table spoons corn

a handful of baby spinach

1/4 avocado

some butter for the pan


Put some butter in the pan and add the carrot, onion, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and basil. Put a lid and let it stew for 5-6 minutes. Then remove the lid and let the veggies get a golden color.

In a plate, put a handful of baby spinach and put the warm, cooked vegetables on top. Then put the salmon pieces and the shrimp on top. Add cut avocado and corn.

You can add some crushed nuts or sesame seeds.

Then pour a dressing of one tea spoon mustard, mixed with 1 table spoon balsamic vinegar.

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