Savory Muffins with Kummin and Olives

One of the main conditions, in order to sustain a healthy nutrition plan and in order to enjoy it, we need more imagination in the kitchen. Healthy foods offer a lot of variety for delicious and nutritious meals – as long as we get out of the frame of “it is so plane”; “I am tired of eating the same things.”One of the main things is to captivate the mind – i.e. to offer it something new and interesting, so it doesn’t feel bored from our nutrition. Actually, this is what all manufacturers rely on – to create a new package, or a new way to present the same food – the ingredients are usually all the same – it is the way the product looks that attracts our mind.

That is why, today I prepared myself a delicious afternoon snack – savory muffins with kummin and olives. Spices are really important when we want to feel satiety.


I was testing with the recipe, that is why I made just two muffins and these are the ingredients for them: 

1 whole egg

1 egg white

3 table spoon oats

2 table spoons quark

1 table spoon yogurt

1 tea spoon butter

1 tea spoon kummin

1/2 tea spoon baking powder

4-5 green olives

a pinch of salt


Blend everything but the olives. Cut the olives in half and add the whole pieces to the blended mixture. Divide the mixture in two and fill two small muffin pans. Then, bake for 12-15 minutes in a  preheated oven (180 degrees C).  Next time I will add some seeds and dried tomatoes.

I ate the muffins with veggies and 1 table spoon homemade sauce with tomatoes and peppers.

Thank you for sharing this post with your friends. You might be the reason somebody gets inspired to cook and eat healthy. :)