Healthy Elixir: Yogurt Cream with Peaches and Apricots

If you follow me on Facebook , you have probably noticed that my new passion is taking pictures – of my food. I love the whole process – to prep my food, to arrange it, decorate around and take a picture.

Now, you are probably thinking that I have too much time to waste, but in reality this doesn’t take much time. Yet, eating becomes a whole different experience, since I started arranging my food. Feels as if my energy is focused on carefully cooking and preparing my food and making an art out of it, instead of just rushing through eating it.

Sometimes, I have the feeling that I get satiety just while preparing it. I notice the inspiration that others get from looking at those pictures. Most people, fool themselves, that healthy eating is boring and plane and this is not true. You just need some imagination. Yesterday I prepped a delicious afternoon snack.

I love the Facebook group that I created. It is full of inspiration and enthusiasm and everybody shows that healthy living is a pleasure.


1 small nectarine

1/3 banana

1 apricot


a couple drops of rum

250-300 grams yogurt

walnuts for decoration

a couple cherries


Puree everything without the yogurt, walnuts and cherries. Then mix the yogurt with the fruit mixture, but do not blend it because it will get liquid like and personally, I prefer it to be thicker. Then top with walnuts and cherries.

Here are some of my delicious meals throughout the week.

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