Chickpea Flat Bread

I haven’t eaten bread in so many years, that I can’t even count them. Still, I am constantly cooking healthy alternatives that are a great addition to my nutrition plan. A person can give up so many unhealthy foods, once you realize that we are not attached to the food itself, but mostly to the experience that it offers. Everybody likes having a slice of bread and being able to spread something on top. Everybody likes having pancakes, burgers and so forth. But pancakes, bread and burgers are not words that describe unhealthy foods. They are words that describe how the food is served and how it looks. All of these foods can be cooked with healthy products and thus our nutrition can have big variety.

Today I cooked these chickpea flat bread. It is easy and quick to prepare. I put some avocado, olives and tomatoes on top of one. On top of the other one, I added figs and a couple nuts. Thus, half of my meal was sour and half was a dessert. And everything fits perfectly into a healthy nutrition plan.

Ingredients for one serving (2 flat breads):

1 whole egg

3 table spoons drained chickpeas from a can

1 table spoon oats

1 table spoon quark

50ml. nut milk

a pinch of salt


Blend everything. Heat some butter in a pan and pour half of the blended mixture. Put a lid on top of the pan and bake until one side of the bread gets golden. Then flip it and bake for another 20-30 seconds without the lid.

Then garnish as you wish. You might add some spices  (in the raw mixture) as well – black pepper, turmeric, poppy seeds, sesame seeds etc.