24 Jan 2016

Vitamin N – The Most Important Vitamin for Health and Weight Loss

vitamin N2

Have you ever thought what is actually our body? I imagine it as a microcosmos. As a small version of the Universe – the one we live in. I imagine the body as a small prototype of something much bigger. Isn’t it wonderful? To realize that everyone of us settles down with the whole Universe […]

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17 Jan 2016

4 Insights That Set Me Free From Depriving Diets and Exhausting Workouts


Change comes suddenly but it is not a product of the present moment. It is a result of a long preparation in the past. Usually it is a fruit of a lot of mistakes made and the gathering of some experience from each one of them. Being in shape is not just a physical expression. […]

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10 Jan 2016

Yummy Fluffy Pancake – Apple Sweetness in Less Than 10 Minutes


When I was younger, pancakes were just one of a kind – my favorite pancakes with a ton of chocolate. Today, pancakes bring me the same feeling – of care, attention and there is such a variety of tastes and besides that I make a healthy version of them. Back in the day,s I thought […]

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