IFS Podcast #9: Borge Fagerli – Carbs at Night & Seasonal Variation In Nutrient Intake

In this episode of the IFS Podcast, I had a really interesting talk with Borge Fagerli.

Borge is a Norwegian strength coach who looks deep at lifestyle factors and underlying health.

He advocates a nutritional approach he terms the BioRhythm Diet, which looks at the connection between diet and circadian rhythms.

You can read some of his articles in English, on his website

Borge is also currently working on a book with Ari Whitten, which is due for release later in 2015.

In this podcast we discuss the following topics:

-what made Borge look on training and nutrition through the perspective of circadian biology

-what is the Biorhythm diet and why though it sounds counter logical, eating carbs at night doesn’t make you fat, but actually helps you get leaner

-the difference between the Biorhythm diet and diets like Carb Night

-what is the link between insulin sensitivity and timing of carbs, when it comes to burning fat and building muscle

-is there a seasonal difference between carb and fat intake – i.e. should we change our diet depending on the light/ dark cycles

-EMF and blue light as the environmental factors linked to obesity, regardless of food intake

-Borge’s take on fasting as a tool to get healthier and fitter

-training for muscle growth – what are Myo-reps

-Myo reps and speeding up metabolism

-training and nutrition advice for hard gainers or as Borge calls them – slow responders

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