The Truth About Coconut Butter and Intermittent Fasting

In my previous articles I have written about the fasting as a protocol (HERE); 5 types of people who shouldn’t fast (HERE); I have also shared a wide description of my experiment with 24 hours fasting (HERE) and 6 mistakes I made with fasting so you don’t have to.(HERE)

Because I and each of you aim not only to survive the maximum length of time without food, but we have a goal – the optimal combination between health, appearance and performance, there are some “tricks” we can use to make the period of not eating more pleasant. As I have previously mentioned, fasting is not equal to deprivation. Fasting is just a particular way of spreading the fuel we give to our body. If we follow the protocol properly, 14-16 hours  without food shouldn’t be a problem.

I have received many messages and questions about cocoa butter, coffee, vegetables etc. during the fasting. Now I will try to cover everything and if I skip something, ask your question in the comments and you will get an answer in some of the next articles.

1.Coconut butter and fasting – does it break the fast?


I am also a coconut maniac. If it is made out of coconut, then it is on my list of favorite foods. One product that we all have in our kitchens is coconut butter. Most people use it for the so called Bulletproof Coffee or in other words coffee with butter. Some people use coconut butter, others – cow butter.

A lot of people who follow the fasting protocol, start their day with coffee with coconut butter. Some doubt if this is right and if this breaks the fasting. After all they are calories!

Now I will explain the science of why coconut butter does not break fasting and why you can put a spoon of it in your coffee and derive even more advantages.

The magic behind coconut butter is due to the so called Medium ChainTriglycerides (MCT). These are fatty acids, which are not processed in the body the way carbohydrates, proteins and other types of fats are. MTC’s are directly processed in the liver where they are transformed into ketones. If you have been interested in ketone diets and why they have such great effect, you most probably know that ketones are special – they are produced out of fats and can be used for energy, while in the same time, unlike fats, they do not require to be transported through bloodstream and cells. Instead, ketones are water-soluble molecules, which dissolve through cell membrane. They reach the mitochondria and are metabolized into energy without active transport process.

In other words, if you eat coconut butter, MTC will provide energy for the body, but your organism will remain in the state of hunger.

That is why the coconut butter does not break hunger, on the contrary – helps the production of ketones that are like fuel. In this way you starve but eat.

However, be careful with the amount because despite all this is energy and as you know it never gets lost.

2.Milk and coffee


I receive a lot of questions if milk or cream in the coffee break fasting. Here everything depends on the amount. If you put milk or cream just to change the color of coffee – i.e. 1 tea spoon, this would not be an obstacle for fasting. If, though, you pour all your cup with milk, this for sure will get you out of the state of hunger and will only make your fasting impossible.

I recommend taking coconut milk or coconut cream. Do not forget the beneficial effect of coconut products. They are also appropriate for those of you who avoid the intake of animal products – coconut products contain saturated fats, but in fact this is  a plant source of fat and not an animal product. In this way you provide the organism with essential fats.

Taking coconut products is not carte blanche to overdo. The rule for the amount and the 1 spoon is still valid.

Overall, many researches claim that around 50 calories could be consumed without taking the body out of the fasting state.

3.Vegetables, fruit and hunger


I receive a lot of questions if something small could be eaten during the period of fasting. If you follow The Warriro Diet (HERE), these small meals are allowed. If you follow other protocols, I don’t recommend eating because it would be pointless. The thing that you could do is to eat 1-2 carrots or a little cucumber or tomato. Sometimes we don’t have the desire to eat because we are hungry but because we are used to eating. A carrot won’t get you out of the state of hunger but it could ease your mind.

4.Eating a higher fat diet

If your diet is higher in the fat intake, then your body is adapted to burning fats as a main source of energy. When you “starve” the body will find it much easier to turn to its own storages and you won’t suffer withdrawal of carbohydrates and fast energy.

These are the main things you could use to make the period of fasting even easier and more pleasant. My post has turned into something like ode of coconut but I can’t deny its miraculous benefits.