IFS Podcats #4: Galina Denzel and The Art of Real Movement

My guest today is one of those people who share a piece of themselves and their knowledge and thus gift us an opportunity- the opportunity to reinvent our own self and recover our health and then keep on living, free to fulfill our potential. I have the pleasure to welcome Galina Ivanova Denzel. She is a health specialist, fitness expert and for the past couple years she has been a Restorative Movement specialist.

But titles doesn’t mean anything, unless we get the spice of the personality and I can’t wait to hear what Galia has to share with us today.

Some of the topics we discuss in the podcast:

– how to become fitter and healthier after the holidays

-why exercise is not enough movement;

-how a person could eat more; train less and still be in the best shape of his life;

-how to improve your breathing and how asthma could be improved with the right type of movement;

-lower back pain and pregnancy 

– the importance of breastfeeding, in jaw development

-how every degenerative disease has a mechanical component and how it can be reversed through movement

– how the function of the organs is dependent on the state of muscles 

More about Galia:

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