IFS Podcast #8 with Alison Chen: Nature As a Path To Health

We live in a world where most of our problems are caused by the fact that when there is some kind of a dysfunction instead of getting to the root cause of it and treating it of the problem, we try to mask it by suppressing the symptom. We are used to taking disease as an inevitable part of life and we rarely question the cause of it. That’s why there are people like my guest today – Dr. Alison Chen. She is a Canadian board-certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor from Toronto, Ontario. She believes invaluable health care integrates Western science with Traditional holistic medicine to provide individualized safe and effective natural treatments.

I spent 30 minutes talking to her, and I was fascinated. She has a way of helping you understand the details and then powered by your own knowledge, to take the best decision for your body, health and life. So don’t waste time. Listen to the podcast, get empowered and take your health in your hands. Because nature is the true path to health!

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Some of the topics we dig in:

-what type of diet plan does she generally recommend to her patients?

– what are her views on the importance of having (or avoiding) animal proteins and fats?

-what is the relationship between allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, ancient healing practices, and modern scientific research?

-what is the relationship between allopathic diagnostic procedures and natural healing methods?

– does Dr. Alison Chen practice naturopathic medicine in general or does she focus her practice on the treatment of certain, specific conditions

-does she treat a particular disorder or disease

– is there a case when allopathic treatments would be safer or more effective than a natural or alternative treatment?

-what are some of the most common ailments that are effectively treated with natural methods?

-what are some of the greatest obstacles she faces when practicing naturopathic medicine?

-what is one of her greatest success stories in treating someone via naturopathic methods?