IFS Podcast #6: Nate Miyaki – Get Shredded with No Cardio and More Carbs At Night


One of my favorite days, are podcast days. I love the whole process of it – researching my guest; getting to know more about his life, interests, work and philosophy. Some of my guests have a philosophy that matches my own convictions. Others, have a philosophy that contradicts mine, but this just gives me a critical view about workouts and nutrition. This just challenges me and makes me grow. It helps me see everything I know, through the lenses of a different perspective and enrich my convictions.

This week, I have the pleasure to speak with Nate Miyaki. I’ve been following him for a couple years, but after this interview, he officially becomes one of my favorite experts. His attitude, philosophy and peaceful presence – everything is presented in such an approachable and interesting way.

Some of the topics we dig in:

-how a bodybuilder goes against the traditional methods and achieves his best shape with 3 meals a day and no cardio;

-how to achieve a lean body by eating carbs at night – is it possible and what are the reasons behind this;

-bodybuilding and IF – are they compatible;

-could you eat something in the 14-16 our window of fasting;

-women and IF – what are the main problems and is IF appropriate for women;

-how the quantity of carbs in the diet differs between a professional athlete and the average person;

-what is more important about getting leaner – workouts or nutrition;

-what does Nate Miyaki think about cheat meals;

-what carb sources does Nate recommend and what does he think about fruits and grains;

-low body fat, without cardio – is it possible?

Who is Nate Miyaki?

Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki is a coach, bodybuilder and the author of 5 books. Some of his certifications:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Functional Training & Corrective Exercise Specialty Certification (ACE)
  • Sport Yoga Instructor (NESTA)
  • 2009 Musclemania America & World Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st place, bantamweight division
  • 2004 NPC Max Muscle Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st place, lightweight division
  • Former professional wrestler and stunt/acrobatics instructor with All Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Iron. Check out the highlights:  Kamikaze Kid I Kamikaze Kid II


The books of Nate Miyaki:

The Truth About Carbs: How to Eat Just the Right Amount of Carbs to Slash Fat, Look Great Naked, & Live Lean Year-Round

The-Truth-about-CarbsRise Above: 7 Strategies to Crush Adversity


THE SAMURAI DIET: The Science & Strategy of Winning the Fat Loss War 


The Way of the Cancer Warrior: 34 Strategies for Your Cancer War


His latest book – A Philtered Soul -I just finished reading it and I sincerely encourage you to buy it! It is so inspiring! 

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