26 Oct 2015

15 Things That You Should Know By Now

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  1.The biggest success is health – taking care of our body – from the inside and out. 2.Every extreme is just as bad as its polarity. It is not good to be inactive, but neither it is if you overdo it with activity – the former forces the body to degenerate and the latter […]

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21 Oct 2015

Add Variety in Your Diet: 11 Delicious, Healthy Breakfasts for Busy People


I am constantly testing different things in nutrition and workouts. I always call myself “a something researcher”. I feel the inner need to try different methods and even when I make a step back, to find out how things work and why it leads to the results I got – satisfying or not. For a […]

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19 Oct 2015

The Hedonic Diet: What Is It and What We Can Achieve with It?


Eating is an art. We all know what we are supposed to eat, but we are rarely attracted by a tasteless steak, green salad without any condiments. The rice on the supermarket shelf doesn’t attract us, but if we see it cooked with some seafood or veggies, we will immediately feel like taking a huge […]

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