25 Aug 2015

IFS Podcast #10 with Tristan Haggard: Ketogenic Diet As a Tool for Health, Performance and Beyond

Tristan Haggard

My guest today is Tristan Haggard and you’ve probably read some of his great articles on The Primal Edge Health.com or you’ve watched some of his great, helpful videos on Youtube. Tristan is not like the other health gurus, because he approaches health and fitness through a different perspective – he looks on that through the […]

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17 Aug 2015

4 Pulling Exercises That You Are Not Doing – But You Should!

Ines subashka

I always get surprised when somebody tells me that he or she is bored to train in the gym – ït’s always the same boring exercises”. As I love saying “only boring people feel bored. It is true for everything!” Workouts can be different and exciting no matter how long you have been training – […]

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07 Aug 2015

IFS Podcast #9: Borge Fagerli – Carbs at Night & Seasonal Variation In Nutrient Intake


In this episode of the IFS Podcast, I had a really interesting talk with Borge Fagerli. Borge is a Norwegian strength coach who looks deep at lifestyle factors and underlying health. He advocates a nutritional approach he terms the BioRhythm Diet, which looks at the connection between diet and circadian rhythms. You can read some […]

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05 Aug 2015

The Paradox About Eating Carbs


Nowadays, thanks to our intellectual evolution, we have managed to create an artificial environment that we call our world and life. Our daily life is abundant with commodities, which take away the need to adapt to environmental changes, that accompany seasonal variations; we do not need to go through the seasonal abundance of foods during […]

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