July 2015

Break The Rules! Eat Carbs At Night and Get Leaner Faster!

Everything starts with your desire to change something in your appearance. You’ve been postponing it for a long time, but your dissatisfaction grows and you decide that you need to do something. As a person who has self respect, you decide that you will research what you should do and how you are supposed to […]

Ines Subashka

Paradox! Eat Fat Get In The Best Shape of Your Life – It Happens with Me

    My life is an experiment. Some experiments lead to success, others to complete failure. Sometimes it is hard to use yourself for an experiment and instead of moving forward to go one step back. Despite this, every experience gives you information – you know what works and what does not. You know how […]

Ines Subashka

More Than A Bike Ride – My Story for 100km. Journey Through The Mountain On a Bike

  Life lies in the challenges. In the idea of testing the limit of your possibilities and to find with fascination that you have no limits but the ones you draw in your mind the ones with which you chain to the comfort zone. I proved it to myself this Saturday. I took part in […]

Ines Subashka

Fasting As A Weight Loss Instrument – Is It Bad For Women?

Since I have started with a series of articles about fasting, I receive a lot of messages. Many of you thank me and say that this was the method they needed to feel better in their bodies and to achieve their goals easily. There are some, who would like to try but are full with […]

Ines Subashka

Oreo Cookies Have A Healthy Version! Here Is The Delicious Recipe!

I did an IFS Summer Challenge in Bulgaria. I haven’t done it for my English- speaking followers, but  I promise I will. There, we share a lot of useful advice about nutrition and people share their food struggles, share their meals and recipes. The other day, one of the participants – Savina Belcheva shared her dinner […]

Ines Subashka

Sit-Ups Don’t Work: 4 Exercises for Strong Core and Ripped Abs

Without challenges the human body becomes weaker. We thrive when we get out of our comfort zone, we achieve our goals and we set new records. We act better, look better and feel alive. We either progress or regress. There is no such thing as moderation. Moderation is easily turned into stagnation. If we want […]

Ines Subashka

The Truth About Coconut Butter and Intermittent Fasting

In my previous articles I have written about the fasting as a protocol (HERE); 5 types of people who shouldn’t fast (HERE); I have also shared a wide description of my experiment with 24 hours fasting (HERE) and 6 mistakes I made with fasting so you don’t have to.(HERE) Because I and each of you aim not only […]

Ines Subashka