May 2015

IFS Podcast #7 with Tracy Raftl: Don’t Hide Your Acne – Treat It Naturally

Let me ask you something. Are you a person who is miserable, depressed and deeply ashamed and embarrassed because your face is covered in acne? Are you someone who deep down knows that this wasn’t how your life was supposed to be? Have you been searching for a way to transform your appearance and transform […]

Ines Subashka

Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Get In The Best Shape of My Life

The quality of our life depends on our convictions. Our convictions are the basis on which all our actions are supported. Our convictions are our limitations. Often times they stop us from trying something new, something different. Often times they interfere with our own change when the world around us is changing. Our convictions are […]

Ines Subashka

Visceral Fat and Busting Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

What is the worst thing that could happen to a person who has set a goal, someone who has outlined a plan how to achieve it and works hard for it? The worst thing is to reach a plateau.  A plateau that makes him feel stuck. I am sure that it has happened to you. […]

Ines Subashka

9 Lessons I Learned in 9 Months without a Sip of Coffee

If you know me you are probably aware that until a year ago, everybody who bought me coffee without asking – was my best friend. I never had the hesitation if it is too late for coffee. It was always an appropriate time to have a cup of coffee. I used to get back at […]

Ines Subashka

3 Vitamins That Will Boost Your Health and Immune System

Spring is here and together with the change it brings (change in climate, length of daylight, food availability), the body is challenges to adapt. Every season has different requirements on the body, but the transition from winter to spring is one of the most dramatic. Probably you are feeling it happen with yourself – spring […]

Ines Subashka

3 Mistakes I Made While Trying To Get Leaner! Don’t Do Them!

  1.Working out more so I can eat more Every one of you knows what I am talking about. You go to the gym and you do everything you can to exhaust yourself. You punish your body with physical activity, so you can reward it later on with food – food that we believe satisfies […]

Ines Subashka

Raw Paleo Carrot Cake

I love carrots. I often joke that in my previous life I’ve probably been a rabbit. For a long time I wanted to make a raw carrot dessert. But I never dared to try. Yesterday, was the day to finally make one. I prepared this delicious raw carrot cake. It turned out so delicious that […]

Ines Subashka

Heal Tooth Decay: The Truth about Your Teeth

  I bet that at least once in your life you’ve had a plant, which you neglected. You forgot to water and soil it, and you probably noticed how its leaves curls and its colors faded. You witnessed how the beauty and life were robbed out of the plant due to not taking proper care […]

Ines Subashka