25 Feb 2015

What Are The Foods That Disrupt Your Metabolism and Make You Gain Weight?

Let me ask you a question. Answer honestly! Why do you eat healthy? Because you think that this way you are gonna get the abs you dream about, your arms will look better and probably your cellulite will be gone? We eat and we rarely realize what is the information that gets in the body […]

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19 Feb 2015

Get In Shape Without Going to The Gym

The best things happen on coincidence. Probably because coincidence is the name of nature’s laws. Coincidence is just the occasion, the reason to encounter what you are secretly looking for. Every Saturday, it takes me to an unknown place. I wake up in the morning and Ivaylo and I decide that we will travel without […]

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17 Feb 2015

4 Mistakes That Ruin Your Diet

Healthy eating is something really simple. As it often happens, we turn simple and approachable things – those that come to us instinctively, into something complicated. We implicate around simple stuff, complicated methodic, rules and the accompanying sense of guilt. This is completely true for diets. We, women are queens when it comes to torturing […]

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