The Christmas Workout Is Rescued: The Exercises That Help Me Stay Fit Everywhere

Една снимка от вчера :)

A picture from yesterday :)

If you are reading this, then you have a huge hug and a high five from me. This means you are a motivated, determined person, who doesn’t use excuses, but finds solutions. The solution to traveling a lot during the holidays is moving more in all kind of ways. If you’ve missed the first two parts of the exercise series, below you will find the kettlebell workouts, the body weight workouts and the workouts with a resistance band. Today, it is time for the last part – hill drills. Go outside and get moving!

In the last posts, I  shared videos for:

-kettlebell workouts(watch the video HERE)

-body weight workouts (watch the video HERE)

– Workout with a resistance band

I will be waiting for you to share your results during the holidays!