26 Sep 2014

Do You Experience The Platoe Effect with Your Healthy Diet? I Bet The Reason Is The Raw Nuts!

Nuts! The favorite HEALTHY food of everybody. Raw nuts are extremely delicious food and personally, for me they were what helped me quit eating processed junk food and start eating real food. Still, nuts are pretty calorie dense. In the same time, they are the kind of food, which disappears immediately… you just opened the […]

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23 Sep 2014

Do You Crave Carbs In The Evening? Here Is The Reason and The Solution To The Problem!

In evolutionary biology there is one rule, that when you change the environment, the environment changes you. What does this mean in terms of us and our lifestyle? Life is a dance and we are the dancers. We listen to the music and we move through the rhythm. The vibrations in the environment are received […]

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16 Sep 2014

5 Habits That Keep Us Fat

Elka Barzachka, IFS Bootcamp

1.Excuses about your present state There is nothing wrong with being out of shape and making the decision that you want to change. As my dad told me, once, when I injured myself and I was whining that I will get out of shape: “It doesn’t matter. People get in and out of shape. What […]

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06 Sep 2014

Heavenly Cream with Figs- A Dessert For Those That Don’t Have Time To Cook

Every time I think about the variety of fruits, which the nature offers us, I wonder why people still buy crappy food, wrapped in glittery packages, which couldn’t even compete with the taste of real food. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean- “I will never eat desserts again.”A healthy lifestyle means- “From now on I will […]

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