24 Feb 2014

The Cynical Voice of Ego and Its Ability to Dictate Our Choices

The silence of an early morning- the stolen moments from the day, when everybody and everything is still asleep. You get the chance to be alone with yourself- with your true essence. You are alone with your true self, which you are not trying to “decorate” or change, just so you can fit in somebody’s […]

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19 Feb 2014

The Zone Diet and Why I Consider It to Be UNHEALTHY

What do I think about the zone diet– a question that many of you ask. What is the Zone diet? First of all, let’s get clear what is the Zone, for those of you that aren’t familiar with this nutrition plan. The Zone is a nutrition plan, created by Dr. Barry Sears. The goal of […]

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16 Feb 2014

The Path to Silencing The Mind: Interview with Margarita Maneva about Yoga, Being a Vegeterian and Life Transformation

I love reading books and spending my time in the company of words. I feel as if I have the opportunity to touch the soul of the author, which is painting different worlds- worlds, where everything is possible and every utopia could find a way to reality. What I love the most, tough, aren’t books, […]

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12 Feb 2014

The Key to Finding The Nutrition Plan That Works FOR YOU and Getting a Fitter Body!

Some time ago, I wrote this post “The Truth about The Change in My Nutrition and The Results I Get”. There, I shared more about my journey about going from 5-6 meals a day and the conviction that you should eat often, in smaller quantities, to today, when I eat just 2-3 times a day. […]

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