Why Low Fat Products ARE NOT Healthy and How They Actually Make You Sick!


During the last decade it is really popular to buy low fat or fat free products! I am sure that you’ve noticed tenths of commercials and flyers, which promote low fat dairy products. Usually women, who have decided to take care of their bodies and eat “healthier”, compete who is gonna be the first one to buy the newest “healthy” product, which will contain less fat and will “help” her lose weight!

No matter how much you want to believe that by eating low fat products, you are eating healthy and you are contributing for the weight loss process, I want to tell you that you are TERRIBLY WRONG!

What is the reason behind my statement?

Low fat products usually do not contain less calories than other foods!

Have you paid attention to the package of a low fat product? Have you read the label? There with big letters is probably written “Low-fat” or “fat-free”! But if you take your look away for a second and pay close attention to the nutrients of the product, you will be surprised that even if it contains less fat, the calorie value for 1 serving does not differentiate much from the calorie value of 1 serving of a product that contains a normal amount of fat! Why?

Because usually, when one nutrient is being removed from a particular food, it should be substituted by another one! In this case, when they take out the fat from a particular food, they add more carbs! And more often than not they use olestra, which is the so called fake fat! Olestra is derived from carbs! Thus, by refusing to eat dairy products with a normal amount of fats, and choosing low fat products, you are voluntary choosing to eat more sugar!

“Olestra’s molecules are so big and fatty, that they can not be metabolized by enzymes and bacteria in your gut! Thus they can’t be absorbed or digested!”

Besides that olestra, inhibits the absorption of some vitamins ( mainly the fat soluble) and some other nutrients!

Besides the number of calories, which is the last thing to bother about, I want you to take a second and think about something else! Have you ever asked yourself, why real food contains a given proportion of fat, carbs and proteins? Probably the answer is that these macro nutrients in that given amount, help the absorption and digestion of the food in your body!

As I love telling you, imagine the processes in your body as chemical reactions! When you put a particular amount of some chemicals, they lead  to one chemical reaction. If you put more of one substance, you could get a completely different reaction from the one you were expecting! Well, doesn’t this make you think deeper? Is it really that healthy to take out the fat of a particular food, which in its natural state contains fats?

And let’s not mention the fact, that since this absurd statement, about “fats being evil”, has been around, people are getting sicker and fatter! Isn’t that something like a red light, which is trying to attract your attention and force you to question the definition of “healthy” in the modern society?

Fats are unhealthy! Says who? Maybe this is the reason that some of the most important vitamins for your body ( A,D,E and K) can’t be absorbed without fats! Do you know that today, almost everybody has some kind of a deficiency in these vitamins? Which in turn leads to a lot of health problems! Yes, keep on eating low fat products, while your health is getting worse with every passing day!

And in case you keep on buying low fat products, believing in the notion that they are healthy, I want to give you an advice! Every time when I see somebody giving money for 0,1% milk, my heart is breaking! Please, if this is the product you prefer, you better drink a cup of water! You will save your money and it won’t harm your health!

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