30 Nov 2013

64 Things Worth Reading

How is your week? Mine was great! The winter is here, and I hope that you are not using the cold weather as an excuse to stay home. Winter is great for walks in the park, when you are dressed appropriately. That’s why you should dress better and go out for a walk, during the […]

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25 Nov 2013

My Fight with Injustice!

Life as a fight. This is the notion most people have, when it comes to the way life should be led. Something like a constant game of hide and seek. A game where we run and life is chasing us; or a game where we are desperately trying to reach life and grasp it, but […]

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23 Nov 2013

84 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? Mine was wonderful! I am pretty busy and I am preparing some great posts for you.I can’t wait to share them, but while I am working on getting them done, take the time to read my favorite reads for the week. Have a wonderful, active and healthy weekend! If you have […]

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18 Nov 2013

A Journey to The Most Distant Corners of My Soul

We walk through our lives and we desperately search for each other. We steal from everybody, whatever we can in the desperate try to substitute, what we feel is missing. The more we take from others, the bigger the emptiness that is left in our own Essence… because in reality, what we need is our […]

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17 Nov 2013

The Taste of Autumn: The Best Healthy Dessert

I love food pictures. These kind of pictures, besides beautiful pictures of nature, are what captures my attention. The other day one of my beautiful friends Jazzy, posted the great picture of the pumpkin dessert. Since it is autumn and since I consider this to be the best dessert ever, I wanted  to remind you […]

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