September 2013

Life After Parting…

She was walking on the path, towards the place where their paths were going to split; she was walking towards the crossroad, where everyone of them was going to head for his own future, enriched by the experience and robbed by the emotions of the break up. You are standing a couple centimeters from the […]

Ines Subashka

Delicious Broccoli Soup

I love broccoli. This is one of my favorite greens and I could eat them forever. That’s why I thought that a broccoli soup would be great to keep you warm in the colder, autumn days. Here is what you need to prepare it. Ingredients:

Ines Subashka

96 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? Don’t be shocked by the number of articles on my list. Last week, I warned you that I have opened a BUNCH of articles that are just waiting for me to read them. So I did, what I was expected to do. Now it is your turn. Meanwhile, don’t forget to […]

Ines Subashka

Q&A: Why Do You Fail Your Diet on The Weekends and When to Perform Single Leg Hip Thrusts?

How is your week? Mine is really productive. Thank you for all your wonderful messages. This week I decided to choose these questions. I will be happy if you share your opinion in the comments below. Ines, I have a problem. For some time I’ve been trying to eat healthier and during the week everything […]

Ines Subashka

Do You Lack Motivation to Live Healthy? Here Is Plenty of It!

„The life of an ordinary person is a one way street. He knows only the path, that leads him to limitations. The only belief he has is his absolute loyalty to death. The choice how to kill himself is his only true freedom.” …and tell you the truth exactly this freedom of choice, how to […]

Ines Subashka

This Post Has Nothing to Do with You! But Everything Written Inside Concerns You!

Sometimes I love going to the forest. Not in order to run away, but in order to discover myself. I sit there and I gather silence and peace. I enjoy the century old trees and I think with  how much pain, tears, disappointment and desperation are soaked their roots. How many hopeless screams and cries […]

Ines Subashka

Healthy Burgers with Homemade Cheese and Pickles

It’s time for a Sunday recipe. Today I will suggest you something delicious that you could cook for lunch. Ingredients: 1kg. minced meat (pork and beef) 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp cumin a pinch of  cayenne 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 onion 1 egg 10 slices homemade cheese […]

Ines Subashka

43 Things Worth Reading


Ines Subashka

Q&A: How to Bring More Variety In Your Workouts and Do You Need to Exercise Everyday In Order to Have Abs?

Hello, Ines. I’ve been training with compound movements for a long time, but lately I don’t seem to find a motivation to work out. I feel as if there aren’t many compound movements and it seems like everything I do is out of habit. I don’t feel the challenge anymore. What could I do in […]

Ines Subashka

The Personal Confession of Kaila Prins: The Journey of An Amazing Woman from a Meat Eater to Vegan and What Made Her Go Back to Eating Meat Again?

Today I have a really interesting interview for you, that I’ve been wanting for a long time, but it was just now that I dared to ask.  It is with a beautiful woman, who has walked the path from a meat eater, through a vegetarian, to a vegan and then she went back to eating […]

Ines Subashka
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