28 May 2013

How to Make Your Workouts More Effective? Here Is The Answer!

For a long time, I’ve been insisting on the fact, that you should get yourself together and start lifting heavier weights, using basic, compound movements. Let’s say that you’ ve taken my advice seriously and you are already doing squats and deadlifts. Congratulations! I am proud of you. But I wouldn’t be able to sleep, […]

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23 May 2013

Q&A: Everything about Lifting Weights after You Turn 40 and Getting Stronger with Bodyweight Progressions

How have you been? My week has been really busy and some kind of different. During the last couple weeks, I’ve been working a lot and I got a little exhausted. That’s why I decided to train less, so I can get my strength back and have better progress in the future. Even though I […]

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