27 Apr 2013

58 Things Worth reading

Another great week has gone by! I am so satisfied with everything I had the chance to do, but I feel like I need a long walk in the park and a huge pork steak, in order to recharge my batteries! Hope that you had an awesome week as well! Hope you are eating cleaner, […]

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25 Apr 2013

Q&A: Всичко за болката в ахилесите, палео десертите и как да започнете да се храните здравословно!

Как минава седмицата ви? Аз също като миналата седмица съм изключително натоварена и колкото и да обичам математиката нямам търпение ангажиментите ми в университета да приключат, за да мога да се концентрирам само върху тренировките и блога. Иначе съм изклчително доволна от напредъка си в залата и вече от доста време насам осъзнавам колко е […]

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23 Apr 2013

Eating Breakfast or Training Fasted? Which One Is Better?

Last week I received an interesting comment, that had a question concerning my opinion about breakfast before a training session. If I am ok with it or not. As always, you couldn’t write a rule that will fit perfectly to every trainee, but I decided to share my opinion and my experience. And the final […]

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21 Apr 2013

Raw, Healthy, Pineapple Cake

It’s time for a delicious, healthy recipe for a dessert. I don’t know if because it is my father’s birthday, but today I chose to suggest you a recipe for a delicious cake. It is really easy to prepare and nobody is gonna believe you that it took you absolutely no time, to prepare such […]

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