31 Mar 2013

Beti's Recipe: Delicious Omelet with Crab Rolls and Guacamole

As you probably noticed on my Facebook page( where I often share Beti’s meals), I am totally addicted to Beti Dermendjieva’s meals. Last week I once again wished, that Beti is waiting for me for lunch, with this delicious omelet. I immediately asked her to share the recipe with me and now I can’t wait […]

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30 Mar 2013

63 Things Worth Reading

One more great week has gone by! I hope that during the past couple days you’ve been challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone and you managed to find out how much you are capable of achieving if you just dare to try. Today I will go to a camp, where I will […]

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27 Mar 2013

Do You Crave Sweet Things? Here Is the Reason WHY!

If you’ve already given a chance to the high fat- low carb(HFLC) eating and you are already noticing the positive results, this means that you are one huge step closer to a fitter and healthier YOU. There is still one mistake, that especially women who follow a HFLC diet make.. Tell you the truth, when […]

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23 Mar 2013

41 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? Mine was wonderful, even though I had some unplanned obstacles, which didn’t manage to make my week bad! Every time when something like this happens, I keep repeating myself that when everything is over, it will at least make for a good story to laugh over in the future. Haven’t you […]

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