28 Feb 2013

Q&A: Everything About Night Eating Syndrome, Low Carb Eating for Vegetarians and The Perfect Afternoon, Healthy Snack

Thank you all, for the great messages you send me. You really make my life complete! This week, I picked up a couple of the most interesting questions that some of you had for me, and I decided to answer them. This week I answer to the questions how a vegetarian could follow a low […]

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22 Feb 2013

The Shocking Confession of a Personal Trainer! And Why Would You Care?

Some time ago, one of my Facebook friends ( I won’t mention his name), who is a personal trainer and who is responsible for preparing men and women for bodybuilding and body fitness competitions, posted a picture of Vanessa Tib, performing a deadlift. What shocked me was not the picture( it was a good one), […]

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21 Feb 2013

Q&A: Everything about The Chocolate Diet, Sprinting Workouts and Raw Nuts

Last week I decided to start a Q&A(HERE), where every week I will choose a couple of your questions, and share my opinion about them on the blog! This week I will respond to the questions if the chocolate diet is healthy, what do workouts with sprints look like and if I eat raw nuts!

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20 Feb 2013

Part 3: A Calorie Is NOT A Calorie:Why Junk Food In Moderation Is Bad for You

What is the foundation of turning nutrition into a lifestyle, so your thoughts aren’t constantly preoccupied with food; so you don’t feel constantly hungry and so you don’t wonder how to trick your grueling stomach? The answer is that you should find the right approach to control hunger and appetite. And the right approach has […]

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