31 Jan 2013

One of The Best Exercises to Make Your Glutes Strong and Sexy!

Probably most of you are aware that I insist on training your lower body! I think that strong legs and glutes are the base of a healthy, athletic, functional and good looking body! I’ve shared a lot of times, some of the exercises I use in order to train my lower body! One of the […]

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30 Jan 2013

What Is The Best Cardio Substitute and What Are My Favorite Finishers

With one of my machines, we train in a really big, fancy globo gym! Personally I am not a fan of globo gyms ( I prefer old school gyms), because the atmosphere there does not look really sporty, motivating or inspiring! To me it looks more like a place to socialize and show off your […]

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28 Jan 2013

Do You Ever Wonder Why Life Is So Unfair? Here Is The Reason!

“When you take the full responsibility for something, then you earn the full control over it” The life of a victim… the life, which most people live, but rarely dare to acknowledge it! Why do so many people live with the feeling, that the world is a dark, unfair place to be? Why do so […]

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27 Jan 2013

"Raw" Cookies with Fruit Filling

It’s time for a Sunday recipe! My favorite healthy desserts are those with raw nuts. I can’t imagine how, back in the past I used to think that healthy, is equal to plain, boring food! And it turned out to be far from the truth! Today I will share with you another recipe for delicious, […]

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25 Jan 2013

Stanislav Iliev: The Life Where EVERY DREAM becomes reality!

Ines Subashka: How did you get involved in competitive sports and more specific in rowing? Stanislav Iliev: I got involved in sports since I was 5-6 years old. I used to wrestle, I did track, taekwondo, dances. I played a lot of sports, till I started doing kanu kayak. I was just fascinated since the […]

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24 Jan 2013

Ladies: How Do You Know When Your Legs Are Too Strong and When You Have to Stop Lifting Weights?

With the risk of becoming lame, I will once again talk about women and weightlifting, and especially about weight training about your legs! A couple days ago, a beautiful girl, with whom I train, came to me and said that she was worried, because her legs were getting too muscular. She said that they were […]

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22 Jan 2013


Often times people who train with me, really want to change their lifestyle, so they ask me for an advice about their nutrition. When I tell them which foods they should include on a daily basis, and which ones they should avoid, most of them are always astonished, when they understand that grains and legumes […]

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