Vegetable Boats

Healthy food, besides being delicious, can look beautiful! :) If you are having a hard time giving up junk food, go ahead and try harder in the kitchen. Make your food more appealing, decorate it and make it look good. The only thing you need is more imagination! That’s why I suggest you start out with this vegetable boats!


1 zucchini

1 carrot

150 grams curds

2-3 table spoons whiped cream

3-4 walnuts


grated ginger




1. Cut the zucchini in length. Cut the carrots.

2. Grill the vegetables.

3. Mix the curds with the cream. Add all the ingredients and stir good.

4. AFter you grill the vegetables put a zucchini on the bottom. Spread a little on top from the curds mixture. Put another zucchini and then some mixture. On top decorate with the carrots.