Nut Cookies- Gluten Free

It’s Sunday and that means time for a healthy recipe. I had a lot of fun preparing these gluten free nut cookies. Try them yourself. Here is the recipe!


3 eggs

50 gramd peanuts

100 grams walnuts

100 grams raw sunflower seeds

100 grams butter

2 table spoons cocoa powder

2-3 table spoons honey

1 vanilla

a pinc of salt


1. Blend the walnuts till they get the texture of flour.

2. Crumble the peanuts and add them to the walnut flour. Add the sunflower seeds as well.

3. In another bowl, stir the egg whites with the pinch of salt till they become like snow.

4. In another bowl mix honey,cocoa,vanilla and butter. Stir good, then add the egg yolks and stir again.

5. Blend together the nuts and  the egg whites. Then add the cocoa mixture. Stir good.

6. With a table spoon, scoop from the mixture and put in the baking dish(put some baking paper before that, so the cookies won’t stick to the bottom).

7. Bake between 15-20 minutes.

That’s what my cookies looked like:

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