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The other day I had a long walk in the park, with a friend, who always gives me the best advices or at least offers me a different perspective, so I could find the solution on my own! We were talking about my passion towards reading and my desperate desire to know A LOT, when he asked me, why I never write about supplements! I gave it a thought and I realized he was right! I write about everything else, but I rarely mention supplements! And by supplements, I am not talking about “The chemicals” that all women run from and a lot of man feel tempted to try! A supplement is just an addition to your diet!

Personally, I rarely take supplements( almost never), because I am not very consistent with them, and I could drink a bottle of vitamin C for a whole year, just because I forget taking the daily dose! But there is one supplement, which I often take- magnesium!

Nowadays, almost everybody, if not everybody has magnesium deficiency! It could be due to the lower quality of the food we eat! In the past, our ancestors used to eat food, which was richer in magnesium. And because there was enough magnesium from external sources, our body did not adapt to store it! And this is the way our body functions today! The bad news is that nowadays, we eat less of the foods, which contain magnesium! Besides that our consumption of alcohol and sugar is pretty high, and sugar and alcohol, increase the deposition of magnesium with the urine. The loss of magnesium could be influenced by the presence, respectively by the absence of some hormones. For example too much stress can lead to the loss of magnesium! That means that we are unconsciously robbing our body from magnesium!

That’s not a big deal, you’d think! But magnesium is something of high value for our bodies! Magnesium is important for a lot of functions in our body and its deficiency could lead to a lot of different symptoms. Magnesium is required for the proper formation of our bones. If there is a magnesium deficiency, they become “soft” and this could have a key role in osteoporosis. Besides that magnesium is a vital mineral, needed for the activation of hundreds enzymes in our body and this makes it responsible for the proper metabolic functions in our body!

An interesting fact is that magnesium plays a key role, when it comes to improving insulin sensitivity!

Besides that it is important for the proper synthesis of the so called ATP ( the main energy unit of the cells)! This could be due to the fact that ATP is being stored in the body in combination with magnesium! Our brain relies on ATP for a lot of its functions! So the lower levels of ATP, could decrease our brain’s functions! And all of this could be due to not taking enough magnesium!

I am sure that everyone of you, had a muscle cramp! Personally I’ve had a lot of problems with muscle cramping- especially with my calves! The adequate quantity of magnesium is required for the proper functioning of muscles! When there is a magnesium deficiency, this leads to too much muscle tension, which leads to a muscle spasm. The reason behind this is that there is an imbalance between calcium and magnesium. Calcium controls the contraction of the muscles and magnesium controls the relaxation!

That’s why when I don’t take magnesium for longer periods I start having muscle cramps, and it isn’t a good feeling at all!

Besides that magnesium is needed for carb metabolism and when there is a magnesium deficiency, it could lead to insulin resistance, which in turn leads to higher insulin levels, which could lead to diabetes! (read HERE)

Magnesium is important for our nervous system. It plays a role by regulating the hormones, released in the presence of stress!

The reasons for taking magnesium, could be countless! But I think that these are enough! Here you could read an interesting article(read it HERE) on the topic of magnesium and how you could find if you are deficient in it! ).

No matter how healthy we are trying to eat, it is a fact that our food isn’t grown in the best conditions- if we keep in mind the condition of the soils, the food of animals and etc. This reflects on the quality of the food products, and on their content of minerals and vitamins! That’s why it would be good to try our best, to provide our body with some important nutrients! And today I will take a note for myself, to take magnesium more often and I ask you to add some magnesium on your “menu”! 😉

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